#553 Style like (Style D2235 by Essense of Australia - Ivory White Mikado Belt Low Back Floor Bateau Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses)


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Si vous voulez changer la couleur de ceinture, bretelles et de fleurs en trois dimensions de la robe, s'il vous plaît laissez-nous un massage lorsque vous passez la commande.

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Dress Fabric
Dress Features
Belt, Low Back
Dress Length
Dress Neckline
Dress Shape
Fit and Flare
Essense of Australia
Ivory, White
Red Carpet, 1950s, Vintage


Style D2235 by Essense of Australia - Ivory  White Mikado Belt  Low Back Floor Bateau Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses

Style D2235 by Essense of Australia - Ivory  White Mikado Belt  Low Back Floor Bateau Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses



Five Stars



Very beautiful and sexy!

Well this is one beautiful dress, but I should have ordered a large! It fits exactly like it should. In regular clothes, I would wear a medium. Anyone that wears a medium and is 20 years younger than me, you are going to rock this. I prefer things just a bit looser, but oh it is so beautiful.Very well made. It has a lot of stretch to it. Thank goodness, or I would have quit breathing. Very low cut. Adorable razor back, with a zipper in the back that is quite long, making it easier to get on. It is so figure flattering. The cut really accents your waist, and then a little flare at the hips, and back in slim at the thigh. It has a draped effect in the front, and so it rises just a bit in the center. Not a lot, just be careful when you stand up that it's pulled down and in place.Beautiful sparkly sequins all over, and they're on well. It's like a long thread of sequins, all sewn in a rope, and they've just been arranged all over the dress. There is black lining under the sequins, and then a black liner the full length of the dress on the inside. That holds everything in place, and keeps this from being very sheer. Just a beautiful piece.Please Note: Sometimes lightingsome.com fails to attach my pictures. I try to monitor this, but sometimes I fail to notice that they have been deleted. If this review is missing pictures you would like to see, I apologize. Please feel free to contact me.This was provided at a discount, or free, in return for an unbiased review. I will thoroughly test each product and point out anything I feel needs improved, or why it will work well for you, I take 'unbiased' seriously, please consider my review seriously. I do not base my review on price, as prices fluctuate, but on the quality of the product as I see it. Please feel free to ask me any questions.


Five Stars

It was perfect. There is absolutely no flaw. I was very impressed with the material as well.


Beautiful Dress

This dress fitted perfect on all ends. Perfect length, perfect fit, and it looks great on. I am in love. This will definitely be my casual dress. (: SO SATISFIED.


love it


This was great! Good for

This was great! Good for! Good length and I really like the quality for the price. Yes everyone is right, it ships inside out, but no big - just turn it to right side out and hang it out. Liked this product a lot.


Very nice

It's much nicer than some other lingerie out there for sure. You get what you pay for and we haven't been disappointed.


love the red

Fits very well, love the red sequins

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